PPDExchange is a leading multi-market institutional FX exchange, and we currently offer the following trading solution for institutional clients:

PPDExchange is a leading multi-market exchange, we currently offer three trading solutions to institutional customers:

  • PPDE MT4 – the most mature, most people use the forex commodity trading platform
  • PPDE MT5 – a new generation of foreign exchange and derivatives trading platform
  • PPDE Direct – a solution that spans global merchandise

We have servers in every major market, and all solutions offer low latency transactions. Our servers include New York (NY4), London (LD4), Tokyo (TY3) and Paris. NY4 is also the host of the PPDExchange European Data Center.

The main new features of the PPDE platform are as follows:

  • Low latency, fast pricing architecture, co-located with a variety of liquidity providers in Equinix data centers – Connect to multiple liquidity providers via cross-connect or leased lines, with an extremely fast aggregation engine, Handles tens of thousands of ticks, and minimizes delays while providing the best buy / sell prices.
  • Low-latency order processing for high-frequency transactions – Order receipt processing is not more than 7 milliseconds, including risk checking and routing to the optimal liquidity source. Thousands of orders can be processed per minute with no added latency.
  • Multiple Assets – PPDE MT5 and PPDE Direct support FX spot and traded futures, options, CFDs and equities.
  • FIX / API and GUI are optional. The GUI is built by the trader based on the needs of the trader and supported by a professional product development team, all of whom have worked at the Tier 1 bank.
  • Full-featured, low-latency FIX API quotes and transactions.